The Foremost Case Underlining An Exaggerated Delusion Brought On By Nostalgia

2016-09-16 06:54:35 by shittingpie

In a time of urgent need do not hesitate to call upon me, myself or I, because I have a passionate belief in you and you alone. You who siphons the etchings from closed walls and festering corners while a more obtruse transformation takes place under stars that she that old one has brought unto a gate of delight when the ice-cream van runs over a child but fear not because that very fear is a three course meal to many unsavory applicators. The very signs I saw on the back door on that midnight were eyes and words perverted with anal beads and surrounded by an immature essence imbued in a cask of honey produced by only the finest bees. A night can take a day and a day can take a night but if you stand about just dilly-dallying I might not feel my help will be of any use to you or any associates of yours because I wear this artifact, It is a ring shaped object worn around the head similar to a crown but with a cloak attached, it is the Melam and one can see through the glass panel that is fitted inside this old building while an Asian hooker is the equivalent in value of three chicken eggs and an elderly goat in the age of today. A days work is not recommended because if the opportunity presents itself it will not be ignored the oval of that garden on a morning that won't ever return could be seemingly endless only moving in a constant oval ever connecting and the very concept is hell to me my ideal afterlife and personal heaven is nothingness an eternal coma of unconsciousness similar to the feeling and experience of before I was born for that experience was not only nothingness but total void of all experience and all sexually transmitted diseases such is the desired heaven of a shaman who follows only no afterlife while still pertaining to a certain dogma that nothing speaks underneath a miniscule portion of symbiotic excrement in an artificial and inflated experience spoon-fed by series of incriminating scientists wanting only the tiny satisfaction of having being noticed for something they crave when under strenuous physical pressure by two fat women with gaping ass holes and if hell did not exist then everybody would be weak.


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