The clanging sounds inside of a hollow, rusted tin sculpture of the world's first dog tamer who snorts cocaine

2016-10-05 06:54:35 by shittingpie

So in conclusion the Doctor I have to see has recommended me and my other self to see another Doctor therefore limiting the time spent in my state of perpetual perpendicular personality and my mouth had been dry all day from the wind that rolls across the windmill in my front yard but I no longer want to see the world this fluid because it scares me to death because I realised I was not the only meat-sack of portable consciousness that would flood the lands and shape the very existence set out before us. I soon realised I needed another body of three for this other me and I can sense where I will be summoned too next after my own faults were addressed we were cast out to a realm so small you could fit it on the tip of a needle so we were puzzled by the fact then and there when I went to the door to collect the mail from our doorstep that the two shadows that surfaced on the walls of our living room were indeed laughing, in disarray I had to leap with haste to the fish tank and drown our ant farm I was so lost I could not think a thought only the echoes of the moving walls that would dominate my mind, if it were only Sunday maybe this mess that lay out before us could be cleaned and then maybe, just maybe the hot water will come back on. I would give one thousand sets of staplers for the spark plugs you have in your garage right now I need them because my car will not let me let it start the beginning process of engaging the engine in order to move and control the machine by my own will and if a frog floats nine days after death then it should be kept under one's pillow so that the tide wont come in too close to shore and cause total destruction of one's own town or city in saying that, when out at sea always remember the fastest of boats always have the worst jokes to tell and you will not want to listen for long before wanting to commit suicide. If I can cross the ocean on a boat made of rotten banana peels then surely my mother's breakfast cereal won't come and enroll into my school pretending to be new students and end up bullying me and scoring higher on their final exams than me. That in its own sense is a luxary I desire one day to have but really I couldn't see anything wrong with you when I saw you in my hallucination at work today, everything seems to be perfectly fine everything is so good everything is amazing everything is like the totally best fucking thing ever totally like yeah totally like literally. So I actually recommend you see this Doctor too, You will find her name and phone number on this business card and I will give her a ring on the phone and schedule an appointment with her for you, stay in touch for more juicy gossip because it will make your bed sheets softer oh but look at the time it is getting late so let us begin.


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