What have I done?

2016-12-12 09:59:07 by shittingpie

What have I done to you? As a great sailor would tell me on only the most luxurious resorts known to man where the horses roam, we are two of a kind and every single moment is a memory from that life I once had that still remains locked in my deceased two year old son's bedroom. Why a certain somebody would commit to such an act is beyond my comprehension, which I believe to be fair because It has been brought up in many a conversation and every single day it is repeated because Im Sorry and I do not know why things had to end up this way but you obviously feel for another soul floating in my fish bowl. It makes a lot of sense to be quite honest because the dream I had where I was vomiting was brought to my conscious attention and research was done numerous times explaining the very meaning of said dream because I could subconsciously tell that all was not what it seemed and my mind tried to warn me but I didn't listen because I'm so addicted to that comfort that I play out in my head, however every time the same thing occurs, with variations ofcourse. I have repeated this scenario too many times and I do not understand what I am doing wrong because I live in a delusion created by my own mind which is God. The oldest one of all the Gods, the age matters because time also occurs within the confines of alternate realities that exist is pockets of space, while accessible with incredible effort, are naked to the human eye where the sockets grow ever so long that eyesight becomes a rarity among the populace, those who have the gift of sight are hunted down and flayed upon a stone altar to rid the dreaded curse of sight the blind shall lead the blind and all shall commence exactly the way it was all intended to be orchestrated from the very beginning of the first conscious thought. I wish you wouldn't toy with me. It makes me incredibly upset.


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